Planned Giving
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The Salvation Army Texas Division's Bequest Language

Please contact us for specific wording to ensure your future gift is used as you intended. You have the ability through your bequest via will/Trust to:

  • Choose the gift designation (location) most want to support the local area in which you live.
  • Choose the programs and services in which you want to support.
  • Establish or add to a named Endowment in honor of a loved one.
  • Establish life income plans for loved ones. Become a member of the Hope Brigade as a legacy supporter.
  • Other additional options available.
  • Become a member of the Hope Brigade as a legacy supporter.

To ensure your gift goes specifically where you want it to go within The Salvation Army, please click here to request our bequest language.

Contact Us

Please click here if you have any questions about how to make a bequest to The Salvation Army Texas Division or to request any additional information that might be helpful to you and your attorney as you consider making a gift to us.

If you have included an estate gift for The Salvation Army in the Texas Division, please let us know. We believe it is only proper to thank people who have generously provided a legacy of hope to those served by The Salvation Army through their Will, Trust, or Beneficiary Designation. Unfortunately, many times we do not know about these generous gifts until we receive the estate distribution. By then, it is too late to say thank you. That is why we have formed The Hope Brigade - a program of acknowledgement for legacy gift donors. This army of donors is giving hope and a future, not just to The Salvation Army, but to the millions of people who depend on us for assistance.